“Jazz-Go-Central, Jazz-Go-Fringe” - Jazz Age II Party: This Side of Paradise
爵士時代 II 大派對:塵世樂園

Organised by Fringe Club 藝穗會

30th April, 2019
Fringe Club, 2 Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong

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G/F Dairy

8pm | 9pm
Happy-Go-Lucky Big Band
Kenny Matsuura (Leader)
Yumi (Vocals)

10pm | 11pm                     
Saturday Night Jazz Orchestra
Taka Hirohama (Leader)
Larry Yu (Vocals)

G/F Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery (Main Entrance)

G/F Underground Theatre

8:30pm | 9:30pm   
Cantopop & Mandopop jazz band Gwat6 Koeng5 led by jazz singer Kylie Estrela

Kylie Estrela (Vocals)
Bernard Hui (Arranger, Keyboards)
Rod Chui (Co-arranger, Harmonica)
Chan Kam-ming (Bass)
Kwok Wing-hei (Trumpet)
Samson Sin (Drums)

1/F The Jockey Club Studio Theatre

8:15pm | 9:15pm
Jazz Quartet led by award-winning composer and pianist Patrick Lui

Patrick Lui (Keyboards)
Paulo Levi (Saxophone)
Scott Dodd (Double bass)
Andy Gander (Drums)

Jazz Quartet led by Hong Kong Jazz Grandmaster Ted Lo

Ted Lo (Keyboards)
Teriver Cheung (Guitar)
Sylvain Gagnon (Bass)
Samuel Chan (Drums)